Power to the Pop Up

Pop Ups have become a phenomenon in London, pop up restaurants, bars, gigs, events, all of which assist in the start up for establishing brands.

Since 2013 Pop Up Africa have jumped onto the scene with the launch of their series of African inspired pop up events, as a way of making African retail and food more available to a wider market.

Pop Up Africa’s next event include Power To the Pop Up– A talk and networking event for all of the movers and the shakers on the London Pop Up Scene on Thursday 21st April 2016 at Google’s Campus.

In the lead up to the event, Jessica Laditan, founder and director of Pop Up Africa has tips for budding

‘pop-uptrepreneurs’ below:

1) Find the ideal space- The space has a huge impact your pop up, be sure to consider, if is the space easily accessible? Does the space attract a decent footfall? Does the space match the look and feel of your

match the look and feel of your product?

2) Do your research, are you sharing the space? Are the other brands worth popping up with?

3) Promote the Pop Up- Let people know that you’re going to be there, put in exclusive offers to encourage sales on the day/ during the duration of your pop up.

4) Have a strong team, recruit them, borrow them, beg them- It’s always best to have people that will be excited and passionate about representing and talking about your brand and products.

5) Network.

6) Keep your new followers updated- don’t forget that there’s life after the pop up, keep any new contacts updated with news on your products and events.

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